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About me

For the past 6 years I have built successful small business websites for many Canberra businesses. I'm mostly self taught and have a passion for finding creative & realistic small business website solutions. I offer a very personalised service and hope to make an impression by creating a quality product. I enjoy developing affordable but not "cheap" small business web sites.

canberra website designer

Why choose me as your Canberra web designer?

Being a sole operator means you only deal with me from start to finish. I always work closely with my clients from the first consultation to the completion of each project to ensure your business can be promoted at its optimum. Once you pay for your site in full it's all yours!



Working Together

I collaborate on website projects with my clients and cultivate a friendly working relationship.



Being a web designer requires a very broad and specialised I.T. skill set. Websites can be complex and require both technical aptitude and creativity so that when these 2 disciplines are combined can produce a beautiful & functional end product. It is in practising these skills that I find to be the most exciting and rewarding experience both for myself and my clients!