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Web Design Trends for 2018

 17 Dec 2017    published by: Rob

What web design trends can we expect to see in 2018?

One thing for certain is that mobile responsive web design will continue to be a growing trend. In 2018, we will see innovations to fully utilize mobile functionality even further.

Mobile responsive design

Mobile responsive web design has an entirely new support for voice search and geolocation particularly for local Canberra business searches, and these will continue to grow in the coming year. Flashy, gimmicky design is becoming more a thing of the past now. There is going to be less negative space and more video to further enhance services or products.

Graphics & image authenticity

Using authentic photographs on your Canberra business website in favor of stock images will continue into 2018. Try and stay away from the stock image libraries and incorporate your own business images if possible. It is the individuality, which will certainly highlight your uniqueness.

Social media networks

As in 2017, there will continue to be a further surge in social media connectivity to your website. Your Social media business profiles will continue to be of importance as a great lead to your website. There are constant improvements to social media channels to further show more information about your company including reviews, live chat & streaming. Also worthy to note is that some social media networks hold high domain authority and trust flow, which can pass on a nice boost to your website, so always link back from your social media profiles to your website.

Website security

Website security will continue to be amongst a top priority. In 2017 there was an increase in malware online, and many sites are now moving to HTTPS (hypertext transfer protocol secure) to protect and encrypt data between your website and the user. Securing your website in this way may also help with your website ranking as it garners trust from search engines.

Is your website ready for 2018?

An outdated website can dramatically decrease your business’ conversion. Lack of modern upgrades can make a client lose faith in your business. A professional web design is required to stay up to date. Contact me for a free web design consultation.

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Optimise your website for SEO best practice

 10 Nov 2017    published by: Rob

SEO web design canberra

Add useful, fresh content regularly:

Having a blog on your website is a great way to not only connect with your audience but also increase your Google ranking by adding relevant and regular content to your website.

Get popular, related websites to add a link to your website:

Link building is one of the most difficult practices of SEO, as it relies on getting a third party to add a link on their website back to yours. A great opportunity to build links is through public relations efforts. Submit fresh content to industry publications and connect with journalists who specialise in your market segment. If you are cited in a local online publication that gets a lot of traffic, and they include a link to your website, this will have significant impact on your SEO.

Reduce page load times:

Images and content that cause your website to load slowly will lose your audience before the page is even loaded. Ensure the imagery you add to your website is correctly sized and formatted for the optimal page load times.

Reduce your bounce rate:

Once you have a potential client on your website, your goal should be to keep them there, looking through as much of your website content as possible. Your ‘bounce rate’ shows you what percentage of your website visitors have come to your website and left from the page they arrived on. External links and pop-up boxes can increase your bounce rate. Weigh up the benefit of pop-ups versus potentially sending people away from your website.

Increase your ‘time spent on page’ rates:

The longer people are on your web pages, the more Google will like your website, which impacts your search engine ranking. Ensure your content is engaging and reads well, add relevant imagery, videos or other media to keep your audience captivated.

Ensure your website is mobile friendly:

At least 70 per cent of your website traffic may be coming from mobile. If these people aren’t able to use your website easily, they will most likely leave straightaway, which will push your bounce rate up.


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