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The importance of keeping your website updated

 6 Dec 2016    published by: Rob

update your website

Keep your website in tip top condition

A website is much like a car in that it requires regular maintenance to keep it running smoothly and helps prevent faults arising.  Sure it will travel along quite nicely for a while but eventually left unchecked could spell disaster!  For your website this could mean a gradual decline in your websites position is the search engine results pages.

Regulary maintain your website

A regularly maintained and up to date website gives a strong signal to search engines and site visitors alike that you have something valuable to offer and helps garner a sense of trust and commitment to providing a great service.

When we talk about keeping your website updated, it can include things like making sure there are no broken links or redundant pages, keeping your page content fresh and your contact details up to date. Also, if you have a blog then it is important to make sure you consistently write posts – being mindful of your keywords – both in the body copy (including sub headings) and blog post titles.  A blog that has not been updated since 2009 is not a good look!

Don't just do the bare miminum

Whether you have a blog or are updating regular web page content – try and aim for between 300 & 500 words per page. If you do the bare minimum then you can expect the bare minimum both in terms of website performance in search engines and getting more enquiries.

A properly maintained and regularly updated website will most certainly contribute to your overall ongoing SEO efforts.

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Useful photo editor for website images

 1 Nov 2016    published by: Rob

Why you should compress images for web design purposes

Even though most content management systems have image editing capabilities it is always a good idea to resize and compress images first before uploading them to your website, as this will allow for faster image uploads, place less strain on the CMS & server side processing and allow for quick web page load times which is  beneficial as page load speed is indeed a ranking factor used by most search engines.

Web design image editing

If you need basic image editing software I can highly recommend Irfan View - it is absolutely free and I have been using it for over 15 years. It's a terrific little editor that comes packed with a multitude of features.  It can resize images, compress images (reduce filesize with very little loss in quality) you can even add watermarks to your images and a host of other great features including batch processing of images. It can also be used as an image viewer.

Useful website image editing tools

Basically its photoshop for when you don't need photoshop. You can check out the docs and download if from their official website:

Another great option & perhaps an easier solution is an online photo editor called PIXLR editor which can be found here:  it has an easy to use interface and allows you to upload your image and then crop, resize or manipulate it, then save it back to your computer - you can then upload it to your website.


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