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5 Signs Your Website is not up to date


 13th Jan 2017   published by: Rob

Why you should keep your website up to date

Imagine walking past several shop fronts looking for a Café  -  Would you go into the Café that is dark, dank and smells bad or would you go into the Café that has a bright sign and large clean windows and has a warm welcoming atmosphere?

I’m guessing  you chose the latter; well this is the exact same thing that applies to your website.  Having an up-to-date website with a clean modern design can do wonders for your business by building up credibility and helping establish a presence in your industry. Having an outdated one will do the exact opposite.

Website visitors will usually associate an outdated website with poor quality products or services, reflecting badly on the business.  This makes it extremely important to know if your website is outdated. The following includes a list of the top five signs your website is outdated:

1.  Not mobile responsive 

Your website should automatically scale to fit any size device screen. It should be fast to load on smaller devices such as smart phones & require minimal scrolling. If your website extends past the boundaries of the screen then it most certainly is not mobile responsive.

2.  Outdated content 

As websites grow,  text content and featured articles become stale over time and if not removed or updated counts as poor content. Also badly written content which contains typos and other errors is not a good look for your business.

3.  Using images as text 

Quite a while ago there was a time when font selection for websites was very limited, this meant that in order to display a certain font it would need to be embedded graphically as an image. These days there a plethora of fonts available and having main titles and subheadings displayed as images  renders it unreadable by search engines & is bad practice particularly from an SEO stand point.

4.  No social media links

If your website doesn’t have any social media links or a “share this” feature on your blog posts, your website is definitely out of date. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are some of the most important social media platforms for businesses. They are the perfect place to network, connect with customers, and build a loyal customer base. It’s not enough to just have a social media account, they should be linked to your website. At the very least a “Share this” link should be used so site visitors that do have social media accounts can share content from your website.

5.  Slow loading website

If your website takes more than 5 seconds to load it can result in a high bounce rate – meaning your site visitor will simply leave before the page loads and not only that some search engines use page loading speed as a ranking metric.

Many things can cause a website to load slowly – the culprits are usually uncompressed images but other website assets that are uncompressed can cause this too like javascript – along with a sluggish web server & multiple HTTP requests.