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Guidelines for writing website content


 31st Oct 2016   published by: Rob

Guide to writing website content

It is important that any business website looks clean & professional and has good readability. It should be fast to load and easy to navigate on ALL devices - the less amount of clicks or steps required for a person to find what they are looking for the better.

  1. Write original, quality content  that highlights your services or anything that differentiates you from your competitors.
  2. Provide your own photos, diagrams, instructional videos or graphics that complement your services.
  3. Write content that is helpful and uses short  paragraphs - check punctuation and spelling.
  4. Promote your site and business through social media and other platforms like Google My Business (highly recommended).
  5. Keep your website content fresh and up to date - search engines like fresh content.

Serve your visitors useful content

Remember that your website visitors are not coming to your website to hang out there, they are there because they are looking for the type of services you offer or have a problem that needs to be solved - so don't give them an excuse to leave.

Most vistors will often have a mental checklist and know what they are looking for or at least a good idea of it, so to be helpful & engaging it is vital that you state clearly what it is your business does & how they might benefit. Consider the following when writing content for your website:

  1. What services does your business offer? - this is vital and should appear as part of your intro or tagline on your homepage
  2. What are the benefits to your customers?
  3. What makes you stand out from your competitors?
  4. Does your website convey a sense of trust?
  5. Consider what words people are typing into Google to find you - keywords give a strong signal to search engines about your website content and should occur in your main headings and body text.