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Is your website turning visitors away?


 10th May 2017   published by: Rob

Your website serves the purpose of attracting and engaging your target demographic, but what if it’s doing the exact opposite and turning potential clients away?

A lot of time and effort go’s into driving traffic to your website so the last thing you need is to find out people are leaving.

Consider the following check  points:

1. Slow Loading Time:

If pages on your website are taking longer than 3 - 5 seconds to load (and even that is too long) you will have big problems. Internet users are an impatient bunch and will tend to leave a website if they have to wait around. A  well designed and well built site will load quickly.

2. Pop Ups:

Using pop ups should be avoided, there is nothing more annoying than to land on a website with the first thing that you see is a form shoved in your face asking you to sign up for something…why? I’ve just landed on your website you’ve provided no information or value why I should waste my time.

3. Video and Audio:

No one wants to hear a corny sound track playing in the background when a website loads – don’t use them!

Video can be great if used properly and can add great value to your enterprise – embedded youtube videos is usually the way to go, but I recently visited a local website only to be startled by a pop up video of a guy trying to make a pitch in the bottom right of the screen –  the volume was turned up on on my laptop which meant as soon as the page loaded the shrill voice of this guy was enough to put me off & there was no option of turning this video off! – What an obnoxious thing to put on a website, I left the website immediately.

4. Poor Navigation:

Your website visitors should be able to easily find their way around your website without having to work out how to use your navigation – this is even more important on mobile devices where the screen is restricted so needs to be easy to dial up the menu. With the greatest content in the world what’s the use of having it there if no one can find it?

5. No Fresh Content:

You may have an awesome looking website but if you don’t keep your content up to date it will go stale in the eyes of search engines but  especially when a vistors see’s that your latest blog post was from 2012 – this could be turning people away as it says “I don’t care about updating my website” which of course can be seen as a poor reflection of your business.