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Not all web designers are created equal


 20th Sep 2017   published by: Rob

Web Design

Website design requires a very broad and specialised I.T.  skill set. Websites are complex beasts and require both technical aptitude and creativity; that when used together seamlessly can produce quite an engaging end product.

It is in practicing these skills that I find to be the most exciting and rewarding experience both for myself and my clients, as no two website projects are ever the same.

Frontend development / web design work

As part of my web design services Canberra the focus is mainly centred around how a website is going to look, feel and function as well as web page layout , selecting fonts, colours and positioning of graphic and other interactive elements including forms. It can also involve making sure that those elements work correctly on both desktop and mobile devices.

A web designer may also be familiar with frontend development and some common frontend programming languages:

  • HTML
  • Javascript / Jquery
  • CSS

Backend development / web development

Backend development is something that is done more behind the scenes – and can involve a variety of other complex processes that facilitate the functioning of a website in other ways which may include collecting data from a form and storing it in a database or performing complex operations on user data, sending an email message or even entire applications like a CMS (content management system) will use many backend processes. Backend development requires a sound knowledge of at least one of these backend programming languages:

  • PHP
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • Apache Server

Not all web designers are created equal

Not all web designers are familiar with coding, some use drag and drop style software or simply just install Wordpress , install a theme and call it a day. Some web designers don’t have an understanding of HTML & CSS which can make it rather challenging for them if they have to fix something or modify something on a website or project not created by them.

At Neondragonfly Web Design I am well versed in both the design aspects and technical aspects which I believe to be a great advantage when it comes to consulting with clients on projects and helps to craft a product experience that looks and feels exactly how it was intended.