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Watch out for domain name false billing scams


 27th Mar 2017   published by: Rob

Domain name billing scams

There have been in circulation a growing number of scam emails claiming to be from your domain registrar. The scam email will usually have an attached bill asking you to renew your domain registration.  There may be slight differences in the invoice that the scammer hopes you won’t notice in order to extort money from you. These scams may also arrive in paper form by post.

Check your domain name details

If in doubt as to the authenticity of the email – get in contact with your domain registrar just to confirm if your domain is indeed up for renewal.  But generally you should be able to tell if it is a scam email by the following points:


  1. Slightly different match to your own domain name with perhaps changes to the extension. Eg instead of
  2. Bad spelling & grammar can also be an indication that the email is dodgy.
  3. Calling the phone number in the suspicious email results in an unhelpful conversation or an attempt to get your credit card details.
  4. The renewal may be at a much much higher price than usual.
  5. The domain renewal may claim to be from a different company than you originally registered with .


Never reply to or click on any links that these bogus emails contain and if in doubt always check your records for your domain documentation or the original email from your domain registrar.