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Please check this page as it may answer some questions about my web design services.

How long will it take to build my website?

This can vary depending on how soon you can send me the content for your site (text,images,logo etc..). It will usually take from 2 - 4 weeks, depending on my work load give or take and the scope of your project. Clients not getting their website content to me in a timely fashion is what usually causes project delays.

Do you provide a web hosting service?

No I do not provide hosting however i can co-ordinate the services of a hosting company for you - which is part of my website package - I can even help setup your domain email addresses.

Are there any extra fees?

The only other fees that I charge are for website maintenance if required or if you require additional pages or features not originally built into the site - For the most part you will be able to edit your website on your own at no extra cost.  You will of course have domain registration and web hosting fees but these can vary depending on the provider.

Do you have templates to choose from?

All websites are built from scratch so no templates are used - that way you get a truly customized website. I do however utilize a mobile responsive framework that becomes the pro-forma for my designs.  I code in XHTML,CSS3,HTML5 features and I'm competent in PHP, jquery (javascript library) and SQL to the extent that i can produce robust, secure, user friendly & mobile responsive commercial websites. I keep abreast of current web based technologies.

What's the difference between a web designer and web developer?

For the most part a web designer works with the front end of a website - working on layout, graphics, styles and basically how your website will look. A web developer deals almost exclusively in code and programming languages and works on the back end functionality of a website. These days the lines between designer and developer have merged giving rise to what is known as a full-stack developer. I am equipped to work with both code & programming (technical aspects) and also design (functionality & asthetics) bringing these 2 disciplines together.

Can I update the content on my website myself?

Yes you can - All websites I build have a content management system which allows you to login and make changes to text content, add images to pages, upload PDF documents, add blog posts & YouTube videos. 

I have a really old static website can you update it?

In the case of older websites I would simply redesign it, incorporating your existing content and re-jig it so that it is well optimised , modern and usable.

Do you support Wordpress and other opensource Content Management Systems?

CMS's  like Wordpress offer a lot of features and are overkill as far as the sites I build are concerned, so I don't use or support Wordpress. I do use a framework called Zurb Foundation which is a responsive front-end framework that integrates into my CMS. Many popular CMS's often require frequent security and software updates that can result in a website breaking or worse being hacked if it is not properly maintained or installed - not too good if your business depends on it! Also consider that while these CMS's claim they are easy to use - they more often than not, require extensive staff training in order to properly use them which doesn't come cheap.

I live in another state, can you still build a website for me?

I only operate within the Canberra ACT region as this allows me to work very closely with my clients in person and is more conductive to business.

How long until my site can be found on Google?

This can vary quite a lot - from a few weeks to months to see real results and depends on many factors including keyword choice, content, competition, backlinks etc... I don't guarantee any particular results in search engines.

Can I sell stuff on websites you build?

Currently I don't build e-commerce websites (online stores) the sites I build are for businesses that are more services orientated.

Can you redesign my current website?

Yes I can providing the scope of the project is not too complex. In most cases if its a very old site I would simply design a new one to replace it with. I would also need to re-consider any projects that have problematic pages, url  and page structures. Keep in mind that my services are really for smaller websites not large multipage giants.

What if I'm not happy with the proposed design?

While every effort is made to create a quality website that reflects your business, I understand that not all clients will be satisfied and that's perfectly ok. However if you would like to proced beyond the allocated hours for your project then extra fees may apply until you're happy with the design. The deposit is non refundable except under special circumstances, please see Terms & Conditions.

What support do you provide?

For the most part you will be able to update your website yourself and I do provide a 1hr tutorial on how to use the CMS after your website go's live. I also provide free email support if you get stuck. Most emails are answered on the same day.