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Content Management System

Easily make updates to your website 24/7 at anytime at no extra cost.

Easily Manage Your Website

CMS (Content Management System)
A CMS allows you to login & make upates to your website at anytime at no extra cost.


After exploring the many different types of content management systems available I felt that many of them where either too basic or too complex for small websites which would not be of any real use to small business owners.

This lead me to develop my own CMS which was designed with ease of use in mind, yet is adaptable for different website requirements. With its rich text editor and its powerful  file management system it is robust enough to accomplish most web page authoring tasks with ease.

How easy is it?
If you can use a Word Processor to type a document and hit the save button then you should have no trouble using my CMS. You can update your site from anywhere there is an internet connection, using almost any web browser.


web page content management

Content Management System Features

  • Edit & Update your web page content.
  • Embed YouTube videos.
  • Add internal/external links.
  • Upload & add images to pages & blog.
  • Edit images & apply effects.
  • Upload PDF documents.
  • Write blog articles.
  • Manage multiple photo galleries.
  • Import text from MS Office.

A 1 hour session is included after your site go's live to show you how to use the CMS.

Responsive File Manager

The integrated file manager allows you to organise your website's assets with ease using a drag-and-drop style interface. Upload documents & images, organise folders and files.

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