Please check this page as it may answer some questions about my web design services.

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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Where do I start? What do I need to provide?

    You can initialise contact through my website and tell me a little bit about the kind of website you require. If your project is a good fit for my services we can then meet up or speak over the phone to discuss further. Please also see Service Terms & Conditions.

    • You will need to provide an abn/acn number so I can assist with registering a domain name, web hosting and an SSL certificate if you haven't arleady done so.
    • You will need to provide text content, logo and photographs/images - images can be sourced elsewhere if need be; free or premium stock photos.
    • Social media accounts - at least 2 that you are currently active on, but if you don't that's ok.
    • You will need an active email address and basic computer skills.
    • I recommended you also register for a Google account (gmail) as this will give you access to useful tools like Google Business Profile, Google Analytics and Google Console.
    • If you have an existing domain connected to web hosting then the FTP/Cpanel login details must be provided. In the interest of security you can revoke my access by resetting the password after your website is uploaded and live.


    Not sure how to write content for your website?




  • Do you provide website hosting and domain?

    No, it is the clients responsibility for domain registration and hosting, this ensures you have full access and everything will be under your name. However I can recommend a reasonably priced hosting company and assist with domain registration/hosting setup process if necesssary.


  • How much does it cost for website design?

    This can vary enormously taking into consideration the scope of the project including number of pages & functionality, SEO, hosting and the hours required etc. At Neondragonfly Web Design I have 2 website packages on offer: A simple brochure website from $475 and a more comprehensive business website package from $950 (recommended). You may also use the Website Design Cost Calculator to get an estimate for your project.

    Please note that SEO, domain registration and hosting is extra and the latter two depends on what hosting provider you choose. I can recommend a  reliable web host if you don't already have one.


  • How long will it take to build my website?

    This can vary depending on how soon you can provide me with the content for your site (text,images,logo etc..). It will usually take from 2 - 4 weeks, depending on my work load give or take and the scope of your project. Clients not getting their website content to me in a timely fashion is what usually causes project delays.


  • Can I see my website as it is being developed?

    Yes you can, this is absolutely necessary so you can provide me with feedback and approve any revisions. I will provide you with a link so you can see exactly how your website will function before it go's live under your domain.


  • I require an online booking/scheduling system can you do that?

    Yes, however I would not build such a system from scratch but rather integrate this feature from a third party provider.  There a many booking/scheduling providers that allow you to embed the booking system directly into your website & accept payments from customers. Please note that subscription & transaction fees may apply. It is the clients responsibility to setup such a system with a third party booking system provider.


  • Can I sell stuff on websites you build?

    Currently I don't build e-commerce websites (online stores). The websites I build are for businesses that are more service orientated. Im afraid if you want to sell products online via your website I can't help you. However if all you need is a booking/scheduling system then this can be integrated through a 3rd party application of your choice.


  • Are there any extra fees?

    For the most part you will be able to edit your website on your own at no extra cost.  You will of course have domain registration and web hosting fees but these can vary depending on the provider. Later on I can add extra features or pages at my current hourly rate.


  • I live in another area, can you still build a website for me?

    I only operate within the Canberra, Queanbeyan, Bungendore & ACT regions as this allows me to work very closely with my clients one-on-one.


  • Do you have templates to choose from?

    All websites are built from an original template; that way you get a fully customised & unique website. I do however use a mobile responsive framework that is the basis for my designs.  I code in HTML5 and can also develop PHP based features, jquery (javascript library) and simple database applications to the extent that i can produce robust, secure, user friendly & mobile responsive commercial websites. 


  • Can I update the content on my website myself?

    Yes you can! All websites I build have a content management system which allows you to login and make changes to text content, add images to pages, upload PDF documents, add blog posts & YouTube videos. More complex changes to the design or structure will need to be completed by me.


  • How long until my site can be found on Google?

    This can vary, for new websites this can take several months to see real results and depends on many SEO factors including keyword choice, content, competition, backlinks & social media presence. Early results can be seen from 3 - 4 months while optimal results can take from 6 to 12 months. However given the nature of search engines I can not guarantee any particular results, given it is normal for search engine algorithms to constantly change.


  • What's the difference between a web designer and web developer?

    For the most part a web designer works with the front end of a website - working on layout, graphics, styles and basically how your website will look whilst maintaining it's usability. A web developer deals almost exclusively in code and programming languages and works on the back end functionality of a website. These days the lines between designer and developer have merged giving rise to what is known as a full-stack developer. I am equipped to work with both code & programming (technical aspects) and also design (functionality & asthetics) bringing these 2 disciplines together.


  • I have a really old static website can you update it?

    In the case of older websites It would essentially need to be redesigned. Most websites should be re-designed at least every 3 -5 years.


  • Do you provide Wordpress support?

    No, Wordpress offers a lot of unecessary features and caters to use cases that the average business owner will never use, is difficult to customise and is plagued by ongoing security and plugin compatibility problems. Many popular CMS's often require frequent security and software updates that can result in a website breaking or worse being hacked if it not properly maintained - not too good if your business depends on it!


  • Can you fix a website that was created by another agency?

    I no longer take on reparation projects that involve website designs or website applications that another web design agency has created (in some cases I am simply prohibited from making such modifications). The decision to no longer accept this type of work has been a difficult one as I don't like to turn potential clients away. Accepting development work of this nature requires an exhaustive amount of discovery to understand how the website was built, how it works and how it all connects together.


  • Do you offer social media marketing?

    Unfortunately, I do not offer social media marketing or the creation of content for social media. My skillset and efforts are best directed into website development & performance i.e producing a visualy pleasing and functional website.


  • What support do you provide?
    • I provide a 1hr tutorial on how to edit your website using the CMS which is supplemented by written tutorials you can refer to.
    • I offer 1 free face to face meeting. If additional meetings are required a call out fee and my hourly rate will apply.
    • I also provide email/phone support if you get stuck. Most emails are answered on the same day.
    • More complex changes to design or structure may incur my current hourly rate but mostly you will be able to make changes to your website on your own at no extra cost.